We all know the value of having the right people in place in order to offer excellence in our businesses. But how exactly do you do that? How do you match talent with task? How do you know who should fill that role, what to pay him/her, or how to incentivize each individual in a way that’s effective and sustainable?

Introducing Evolution Recruiting & Consulting, Inc. We are dedicated to offering businesses the support and the tools they need to grow their teams, grow their businesses, and maximize their profits.

We do that through Talent Acquisition, Career Coaching & Training, People Operations/Strategies, and increasing your employer brand. You see, we take the headaches away by being your one-stop human resources solution. Working with us means you will have less headaches and more time. Time to grow your business, work with your customers, and strategize on the next big thing for your business.

Dinah Ruiz, Founder and President of Evolution has extensive knowledge and experience in Talent Acquisition, Career Coaching & Training, People Operations/Strategies. She has more than 15 years experience within various corporate human resources departments and is known as the “Business Therapist”. Listening and implementing what owners and managers need, is just part of the process. She has been able to revamp and restructure existing and non-existing Human Resources, she has hired amazing talent, and has coached business owners on what is the next step for them.  Dinah has mentored many individuals coming into the workforce as well as professionals looking to make a change in their career.