Career Coaching & Training


For Corporations:

We can customize training programs for your staff or we can offer recommendations for other training programs. This will be tailored to your needs and will vary depending on the industry. We also offer coaching to business owners or managers in hiring or recruiting positions, with topics that include:

  • How to streamline the process to make this more effective and efficient.
  • What to look for in resumes.
  • How to pre-screen candidates.
  • Conflict management

We are here to listen to your needs, and make rational business decisions that will make your business thrive!

For Individuals:

Are you looking to transition into a new career? Does your resume need some work? You are no longer happy in your current role? You took some time off and now you want to re-enter the work force. Looking for a new career can be stressful. As a recruiter for over 10 years, I have extensive knowledge in these areas. We will help you make your resume stand out, guide you in marketing yourself through social media, dress for the job you want, interview like a professional and land the career that will make you happy.